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7" Old Gold Disinfectable/Washable Files. Grit 320/320

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Brand: Soft Touch®

Product Code: GLG320/320W

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  Size: 7" x 3/4"

Our amazing professional grade nail files are made with high-quality materials made in the USA since 1979.

Sandpaper – Tru-Grit sandpaper is more sharp, durable and lasts longer, with less mess.

Foam – Our foam is unique and makes it comfortable and easy when filing nails.

Center – The center and core of our nail files are made of recycled plastic to support sustainability.

Disinfectable – Our professional nail files may be reused by using disinfectant solution.

Washable – May be used with soap and/or water.

080 100 120 are typically used for artificial nails. 100 is most commonly used. These coarser grits are made to remove material quickly. May also be use for natural nails if you have thick nails. Use higher grit after to shape, smooth and finish your nail. We do not recommend this for the top of the nail.

180 240 320 are good for both artificial and natural nails. 180 is the most commonly used to shape and finish nails. 240 is the minimum recommended for the top of your nail. If you would like a smoother finish, use a higher grit.

400 600 grits are used to finish shaping your nail. May be used for the top of the nail. If you would like a more smooth and shiny finish, please check out our buffers.

We recommend our Sand Turtle Gleemer Buffer Block which has a 3-step procedure to make your nails smooth and shiny.