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Soft Touch®


7" X 3/4" Standard Neon

7" X 3/4" Standard Neon

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Size: 7" x 3/4" 
Soft Touch Nail File

Our professional cushioned board nail files are made of high-quality materials in the USA since 1979.

Key Features and Benefits:

Sandpaper – TRU-GRIT® sandpaper is sharper, more durable and lasts longer, creates fewer debris.

Foam – Our unique foam makes sanding more comfortable when filing nails.

Center – The center and core of our nail files are made of recycled plastic to support sustainability.

Disinfectable – Our professional nail files may be reused after cleaning them with a disinfectant solution.

Washable – May be washed with gentle soap and water. You can also just rinse them.



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